People. Planet. Prosperity.

People. Planet. Prosperity.

Triple Bottom Line Training & Consulting

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3P INSIGHTS is a consulting firm that offers training, speaking and support services to help organizations attract and retain diverse talent, create inclusive workplaces, become better environmental stewards, and improve their overall social, environmental, and economic impact.


Research demonstrates that consumers and jobseekers are increasingly attracted to inclusive businesses that consciously increase their positive impacts on the world around them. Whether you are looking to improve your organization’s environmental footprint, strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), attract new, socially minded customers and employees, better compete in dynamic operating environments, or improve corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental social governance (ESG), 3P INSIGHTS can help. Explore our evidence-based training and consulting services designed to strengthen the triple bottom line.

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Book Discussion

Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski, Founder and lead Impact Consultant at 3P INSIGHTS, is also the author of Diversity and Organizational Development: Impacts and Opportunities. In this 35-minute virtual book discussion, Jennifer discusses the different levels of diversity and introduces you to the diversity and inclusion organizational development (D&IOD) process. Jennifer also explains how Diversity and Inclusion support organizational sustainability initiatives and strategy.

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