3 Steps to Grow Your Influence and Impact

3 Steps to Grow Your Influence and Impact


There’s no escaping it – to grow your impact in business today, you also need to grow your power of influence. This doesn’t mean selling constantly or chasing likes on social media, it means developing and positioning yourself (and your brand) as one people can get behind, trust, and count on.

As explained by John Maxwell, influence is earned. It isn’t obtained by chance or accident and influence takes time to develop. While it is true that we all influence others (whether we realize it or not), growing our influence requires an intentional approach to providing value.

So, how can we do this?

If your intent is to grow your influence and impact in business, here are 3 steps to focus on.   

1. Define Your Purpose

Research shows that people are more attracted to companies that have a deeper purpose behind their brand rather than those simply in business to make money. According to a new global study, 94% of consumers say it’s important that the companies they engage with have a strong purpose and 83% say they should earn a profit only if they also deliver a positive impact. When people see you’re motivated by a greater purpose, trust grows and people will follow your lead.

Whether its environmental advocacy, sustainability, animal welfare, inclusion, health and wellness, or helping people in need, purpose-driven businesses are doing more than simply earning a profit or making a comfortable living. And consumers are paying attention.

2. Align Your Energy With Your Purpose

As an entrepreneur, there are many tasks that drain our energy. We need to find ways to stay connected to our bigger purpose and keep our energy aligned with our overarching goals. Take inventory of the tasks you’re doing and figure out which of them don’t contribute as much to your “why” – this may mean removing some product or service offerings if they don’t contribute to your larger goals.

Develop weekly “reminders” to keep you connected to your values. If your purpose is environmental advocacy, go for regular nature walks to reaffirm your affinity for our planet. If your purpose is to promote health and wellness, start an intentions journal to organize how you’ll help people live more conscious and healthy lives. Engage with gratitude, meditate, or practice mindfulness – whatever you need to keep you grounded in your purpose. And don’t forget to celebrate your positive impacts.  

3. Build Your Impact Community

Whether it’s through in-person events, conferences, online forums, or memberships, communities are key to brand awareness, loyalty, engagement, and success. Behavioral economics and psychology research have shown that humans fundamentally crave a sense of connectedness, belonging, and meaning. Afterall, we are social creatures.

Building a community around your brand can help you establish and build meaningful connections with people who share the values underlying your purpose. Communities keep you motivated, offer support, help you learn and create a sense of shared accountability.

As your community grows, so does your influence and impact.  

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