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Training & Workshops

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Competitive Intelligence & Early Warning

Corporate Social Responsibility

Diversity & Inclusion

Organizational Culture & Ethics

Team Building

Workplace Wellness

Sustainability Skills


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Inclusive Leadership

Employee Empowerment

Green Marketing

The Green Workplace

Grant Funding & Writing

Triple Bottom Line Accounting

Stakeholder Engagement

21st Century Strategy

Support Services

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Business Planning Support

Conventional or Sustainability Marketing Support

Strategic Planning Support

Sustainability Assessment & Auditing Support

Featured Services

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Diversity & Inclusion Training is offered through one-time or repeat workshops and on a contractual basis that consists of brief, periodic training for management and employees over the course of several months. The training emphasizes diversity‚Äôs impact on organizational performance, helping management and employees understand diversity as a value-added activity. Participants build knowledge on workforce trends and changing demographics, increase their awareness of diversity related issues both in and outside of the workplace, become better communicators with coworkers of diverse backgrounds, and learn how to foster an inclusive working environment for all employees.  

Sustainability Marketing Workshops

Sustainability Marketing Workshops are offered as one-time or repeat workshops that help participants better understand the environmental impact of their products and/or services, emphasizing the role modern marketing plays in consumer welfare. Participants might examine customer solutions during product/service pre-purchase, use, and post-use with the goal of developing a more environmental and socially responsive marketing mix. They will also learn how to better communicate with the growing segment of ecologically conscious consumers.

Competitive Intelligence Workshops

Competitive Intelligence workshops teach organizations how to develop an early warning system for dynamic operating environments. The primary objective is to help organizations develop a systematic program for gathering and analyzing information about the external environment to maintain competitive advantage. The seminars are usually offered through one-time, intensive training over the course of one or two days, although organizations may invite consultants back to help with future organizational developments in the competitive landscape.

Social Responsibility in the Workplace Seminar Series

This professional development seminar series includes 6 courses that focus on the triple bottom line: (1) Inclusive Leadership; (2) Employee Empowerment; (3) Sustainability Management; (4) Green Marketing; (5) Triple Bottom Line Accounting; and (6) 21st Century Strategy. Training courses are offered virtually via Zoom for one hour per week for three weeks. Participants can participate in as few or as many courses as they prefer and are awarded certificates of completion. Participants may also choose to take all 6 courses at a discounted rate. Organizations often sponsor employees in these courses. Click the button below to learn more about and register for the Seminar Series.


Prices vary slightly based on individualized organizational needs and number of participants.

Training & Workshops:

Hourly ($100-$200)

Half day ($250-$500)

Full day ($500-$750)

Multi-day discounts available for extended training

Seminar Courses:

Per Course ($45)

Package deals and early bird specials available

Support Services:

Hourly Support ($40-$80)

Project-based Support prices vary depending on the length and nature of the project

Our primary service area is the tri-state region of Northern/Central Wisconsin, Northeastern Minnesota, and the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Services may be offered outside our primary service area in-person for an additional travel fee or remotely for no additional fee.

Service Customization

Unique services can be customized to meet more specific organizational requirements.

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