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The 3P Insights Learning Library is right for you if…

  • You are an entrepreneur (current or aspiring) who wants to run a business that makes positive contributions to society and our environment while earning a profit.
  • You want to learn how to build a profitable business, but you don’t have time to look through mountains of online information to figure out how to do so. You want a central “hub” where you can find it all.
  • You’re looking for opportunities to connect, collaborate, and form friendships with like-minded impact entrepreneurs from around the world who share your values.
  • You want to hear from experts who understand the challenges and excitement of entrepreneurship!

Hi, I’m Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski

I’m a Professor of Sustainable Business at an environmental liberal arts college in northern Wisconsin. I received my MBA in Environmental Management and Sustainability and my Ph.D. in International Development with an emphasis on Economic Development. My research is focused on how businesses can help create a more prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable future.

I’ve been teaching business for 10 years at the college level. A few years ago I started working with businesses to improve their triple bottom line. This consulting work prompted me to found 3P Insights. After working with more and more businesses, it became clear that purpose-driven entrepreneurs are looking for resources and networking opportunities to help them grow their impact while increasing their income. So dawned the 3P Insights Learning Library.

I’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from solopreneurs to multi-billion dollar corporations. I’ve curated a library that will show you everything you need to know about running a successful, sustainable business. And I practice what I preach. We are a climate positive company and we’ve got sustainability woven into our DNA.

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A Subscription to the Library Gives You:

  • Over 35 hours of on-demand video content, including webinars, virtual workshops, and tutorials on topics like branding, marketing, finance, strategy, wellness, inclusion, sustainability, and business basics.
  • Links to additional resources so you can learn more about the topics presented in the video content.
  • Worksheets, workbooks, and handouts to guide your business planning.
  • Access to our live virtual workshops on contemporary topics related to sustainable business and business management.
  • Access to our “Community Connect” networking events and group coaching calls.

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  • Your payments of $20 + tax will automatically stop after 12 months and you will continue to enjoy unlimited access!

Community Connect

Networking to help you grow your impact community.

All of our library subscribers are welcome to attend our Community Connect Calls. Every so often, we host a Zoom call for impact entrepreneurs to connect with one another. This is a time to bounce ideas off one another, share our challenges in a supportive environment, and celebrate our business wins. We also like to use this time to build relationships, jump-start collaborations, reaffirm our business goals, and reignite our passion for doing good business. These calls also offer an opportunity to ask questions about the material in the learning library and access group coaching.

Live Workshops

Learn with an expert, ask questions, and share insights.

A few times per year, we offer library subscribers an opportunity to register for live virtual workshops to help entrepreneurs build skills to strengthen their triple bottom line. These workshops include contemporary topics related to sustainable business as well as business management more broadly. The live workshops are included with your one-time subscription payment. They offer an opportunity to learn from experts (and have some fun) alongside other purpose-driven business owners.

Become an impact leader in your industry.

Gain insight about how to start or grow your business.

Connect with other entrepreneurs passionate about purpose-driven work.

Why Our Library?

At 3P Insights, your personal, professional, and business growth is our number one priority, and our coaching, consulting, workshops, and library resources are based on established best-practices and research.

Jennifer is an award-winning college professor who was raised by small business owners. She has been around the business community her entire life.

By subscribing to our library, you can feel confident that you’re learning from experts and the information you’re receiving is tried and true. There’s no need for a monthly or yearly membership either. You subscribe once and receive unlimited access!

3P Insights is a climate positive 1% for the Planet member. We invest 1% of our revenue in technologies that remove carbon from the atmosphere. As founding members of Give Back Great Lakes, we support nonprofits and charities doing their part for people and the planet.

We believe in progress over perfection and that even the smallest businesses can make an impact.

And we’ll show you how.

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