Learning Library: Branding


Small Business
Branding + Canva

Natalie Gilson and Brandyn Hansen of Tortuga Creative Studio lead this 1-hour workshop for 3P Insights, exploring the benefits branding can have for small businesses. They share tips and techniques to enhance your branding efforts, helping you create a brand ecosystem that instills your purpose.


Branding with Authenticity to Avoid Greenwashing

Julianna Van Adrichem from Promosaurus Marketing leads this 1-hour & 15-minute workshop for 3P Insights, sharing strategies for your enterprise to make a stronger connection with your audiences and reach your revenue goals with their support. You’ll learn to communicate a relevant and consistent message without greenwashing.


Brand, YOU!

In this 35-minute webinar presented by Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski of 3P Insights, you will walk you through personal branding essentials. You’ll be shown how to create a professional identity that will improve brand recognition and loyalty. You’ll be introduced to the 5 steps of personal branding, as well as tips and techniques to build brand YOU, while avoiding common mistakes.