Learning Library: Impact


Impact Entrepreneurship

In this 30-minute webinar presented by Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski of 3P Insights, you will learn what it means to be an impact entrepreneur and how impact entrepreneurship differs from other forms of entrepreneurship. You’ll be shown the unique challenges that face impact entrepreneurs and how to overcome them. You’ll also be given 3 keys to successful impact entrepreneurship.


Intro to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In this 15-minute video, 3P Insights provides you with insight to help you better understand what it means to be socially responsible and a good corporate citizen. We outline the triple bottom line framework for sustainability and discuss how it relates to CSR initiatives. Finally, we show you how CSR can be used as a value adding activity.

3-Part Seminar Series

Triple Bottom Line Accounting

Today’s businesses must focus as much on environmental and social concerns as they do profits. In this 3-hour seminar series presented by Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski, you will be shown best practices and be given tools to evaluate your organization’s environmental and social performance in order to create greater value for your stakeholders.


What COP26 Means for Your Business

This special 1-hour 15-minute impact coaching session explains why businesses should pay attention to COP26, as well as how your business can contribute to the goals set by COP26. Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski discusses action items your business can start implementing now and recommendations for future planning.


Getting the Grant

In this 80-minute workshop presented by Andrea Newby, Director of the Gogebic Range Health Foundation & owner of Aurora Inn Adventures, you will be given key insight into what funders are looking for in grant proposals, as well as tips on what to avoid. You will learn techniques to help make winning grants a reality so you can fund your venture and make a bigger IMPACT.

Research Paper

Environmental Corporate
Social Responsibility

Written exclusively for 3P Insights by Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski, this 16-page research paper explains the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the modern environmental movement, and the ways in which environmental sustainability can be leveraged strategically by organizations in order to create value for their stakeholders.