Learning Library: Inclusion


Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability

In this 15-minute introductory video, you’ll learn how diversity and inclusion initiatives are linked to the three pillars of sustainability: people planet and profit. By the end of this video, you’ll have a better understanding of the integral role that diversity and inclusion play in sustainable value creation.

Book Chapter

Diversity & Organizational Development

This sample chapter from Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski’s book, Diversity & Organizational Development: Impacts & Opportunities, introduces readers to the challenges and possibilities associated with diversity management and the positive impacts of inclusive organizational culture.


Diversity, Organizational Development & Sustainability

In this 35-minute webinar, Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski discusses the different levels of diversity, introduces you to the diversity and inclusion organizational development (D&IOD) process, and explains how Diversity and Inclusion support organizational sustainability initiatives.


How Business Can Support DEI

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how your business can celebrate and support diversity, equity, and inclusion. You’ll be given practical action items you can start implementing right away to become a more inclusive business to help create more inclusive communities and societies more broadly.


Remote Workplace Inclusion

In this 35-minute workshop presented by Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski of 3P Insights, you will learn best practices and techniques to foster inclusion and maintain a sense of shared purpose in the remote workplace. You’ll be given additional resources to help your organization continue its inclusion journey.

Virtual Seminar


In this 3-part virtual seminar presented by Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski of 3P Insights, you will develop a better understanding of workplace diversity, how exclusion manifests in organizations, and strategies to create inclusive cultures where people feel valued and contribute to organizational success.