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This page offers a preview of what’s in our 3P Impact Club video and reading library.

New resources are added monthly, but below offers a description of some of our most popular resources. Access to our video and reading library is included with the 3P Impact Club membership.

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Building Impact Into Your Business Model (Virtual Workshop)

In this virtual workshop hosted by 3P Insights, you will learn best practices for building sustainability into your business model and management strategy. Jennifer examines the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and shows you how to use the SDG Compass as an impact tool. Jennifer introduces the “Impact Innovation Model for Sustainability” and by the end of the workshop, you will be able to identify 3-5 ways you can advance sustainability through your business or organizational operations.

Creating Shared Value: Accelerate Your Impact, Profitably

This workshop presented by Charla Vall, Founder of Make Your Mark, provides an in-depth overview of how businesses can help address – even solve – some of humanity’s greatest challenges, while creating value for their business. Charla walks club members through this concept of shared value, the different types of shared value, and examples of both small and large businesses who are putting it into practice. Through this workshop, you’ll be given tools to help you define your purpose and find opportunities for truly adopting the role of being an engine for good.

Branding With Authenticity To Avoid Greenwashing

As organizations and businesses in the impact sphere, you are competing for your audiences’ time, money, and participation. Meanwhile, you know that change comes from the wider public taking action and changing behaviors, and that change was needed yesterday. In this workshop, you will learn strategies for your social enterprise to make a stronger connection with your audiences and reach your fundraising, sales and participation goals with their support. Communicate a relevant and consistent message to share your organization’s goals and values. We will also define and explore concerns for greenwashing and social washing and how to avoid these with commitment, consistency and transparency. The workshop is presented by Julianna Van Adrichem from Promosaurus Marketing. Julianna has been working in promotions and communications in the environmental sector for 17 years, creating change by increasing residential solar installations, increasing recycling rates, increasing the consumption of organic produce, and more. 

Small Business Branding + Canva Workshop

For small businesses to have an impact, it is important that they not only live, but share their values. Branding and design that effectively reflects those values is a great way to stand out and scale your positive impacts. Natalie Gilson and Brandyn Hansen of Tortuga Creative Studio lead this workshop exclusively for 3P Impact Club Members, which explores the benefits that branding can have for small businesses. They share tips and techniques to enhance your branding efforts, helping you create a brand ecosystem that instills your purpose. Natalie and Brandyn also lead members through a tutorial of Canva, sharing how this powerful design tool can be leveraged to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and impact. They provide you with 3 free Canva templates, which will help you put their 3 design “secrets” into action.

Brand, YOU! Webinar

People connect with people, not necessarily businesses. Increasingly, small businesses are seeing the benefits of personal branding as part of their business branding efforts. This 35-minute webinar will walk you through some personal branding essentials, helping you create a professional identity that will improve brand recognition and loyalty.

Impact Marketing (Virtual Workshop)

Consumers are increasingly drawn to eco-friendly and socially responsive products and services, however not all sustainability-minded consumers want the same thing. In this workshop, members will learn how to segment ecologically and socially conscious consumers and develop effective target markets. You will be given tools and techniques to effectively communicate value with sustainability minded stakeholders.

Using Social Media for IMPACT (Webinar)

There are so many social media platforms out there! Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter… the list goes on. In this 45-minute webinar, members will learn about each major platform and how to use them properly to build a following, create a sense of community around your brand, increase awareness about your products and services, and drive sales.

Instagram 101 Tutorial

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses and nonprofits. The reach, engagement opportunities, and analytics are incredibly powerful and unmatched by any other platform. Starting a professional account on Instagram can be challenging though. This 1.5 hour tutorial will guide you through some the Instagram basics. This tutorial was presented during one of our Impact Coaching group sessions, so you’ll be able to hear common questions asked by members just beginning their Instagram journey as a professional business account.

Resilience for Impact Entrepreneurs Workshop

Resilience for Impact Entrepreneurs is a unique invitation to 3P Impact Club members to connect with vocation and self. The call to contribute to systems of health and wealth for people and the planet is needed and varied based on the individuals who engage in the work. An eye on resilience may help foster the change we seek by pointing to sources the nourish our energy and wisdom. This 1 hour 15 minute workshop presented by Amy Nosal, Community Development Educator with University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension Iron County, considers some patterns across people, planet & profit that can build or erode resilience over time, as well as links between individual skills & collective resiliency.  The intention is that 3P Impact Club members may use this workshop to refresh their grounding in content and aims in strategy for today and tomorrow. The workshop will be recorded for members who cannot attend live.

Avoiding Business Burnout Webinar

Wellness is an important but often overlooked factor in business sustainability. In this 50-minute webinar, Dr. Jennifer Kuklenski of 3P Insights and Sunn Mixon of Desert Sunn Wellness discuss the science of business burnout, how to recognize and prevent feelings of overwhelm, and how to avoid social media burnout.

What COP26 Means for Your Business Webinar

From the October 31st to November 12th 2021, the United Kingdom and Italy will co-host the 26th United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP26) at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow. Heads of state and climate scientists will gather to agree on joint steps to combat climate change. This is the 5-year follow up meeting for the Paris COP, when U.N. parties signed the Paris Climate Agreement. Evidence suggests there is growing momentum behind actions that will include drastic changes, especially in terms of carbon emissions. This special 1 hour 15 minutes impact coaching webinar explains why businesses should pay attention to COP26, as well as how your business can contribute to the goals set by COP26. We discuss action items your business can start implementing now, as well as recommendations for future planning.

Remote Workplace Inclusion Webinar + Bonus Resources

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way we work. The “new normal” is increasingly geared toward remote work and research suggests that this trend may outlast the pandemic. With so many employees physically disconnected, organizational leaders and managers are struggling to find ways to ensure everyone feels included, part of the team, and fully able to contribute to organizational success. In this workshop, you will learn best practices and techniques to foster inclusion and maintain a sense of shared purpose in the remote workplace. On this page, you’ll find the video recording of the 35-minute webinar, as well as complimentary resources to help you and your organization continue its inclusion journey.

~ Reading Collection Preview ~

Profits with Purpose: How organizing for sustainability can benefit the bottom line

This 2014 report from McKinsey & Company explains their comprehensive study about the economic benefits of sustainability. The authors show why the long journey toward organizational sustainability is worth it.

U.S. Consumer Perspectives and Trends in Sustainability

This 10-page report prepared by the National Marketing Institute (NMI) provides an overview of the NMI’s Proprietary Sustainability Segmentation. It quantifies what attracts people to sustainability and offers a description of the 5 primary segments of sustainability consumers. This reading is a helpful supplement for the “Impact Marketing Workshop.” Note that the consumer segment percentages have changed slightly since the report was published.

Environmental CSR: Evolution & Value

Written exclusively for 3P Insights, this paper explains the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the environmental movement, and the ways in which sustainability can be leveraged strategically by organizations in order to create value.

The Role of Business in Climate Change

The global pursuit of net-zero carbon emissions is a huge undertaking, and only possible with the help of businesses. This 2020 report from Financial Times explains the role of business in addressing climate change and provides a business outlook.

Climate Business: HBR Special Report

In this 2007 Harvard Business Review Special Report, leading thinkers from business and academia to help our readers address climate issues by framing strategy, strengthening security, shaping policy, protecting reputation, and engaging customers, employees, and markets. This special section provides a hard-nosed look at a tough new environment. There will be winners and losers. Companies that get their strategy right will find vast opportunities to both profit and create social good on a global scale. This report is a bit dated, but it’s relevance remains.

Creating and Capturing Value Through Sustainability: The Sustainable Value Analysis Tool

This publication provides a detailed explanation of a tool very similar to the “Impact Innovation Model for Sustainability” that we covered during the July 2021 Workshop: “Building Impact Into Your Business Model.”

Diversity and Inclusion Drive Sustainability: Here’s How

This impact article from 3P Insights explains how diversity and inclusion initiatives advance the three pillars of sustainability and help organizations improve their triple bottom line.

Managing Organizational Sustainability: The Business Case for Sustainability Professionals in the Workplace

This research paper published by the Center for Green Schools and the McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute explores how sustainability managers can measure successes and link them to organizational goals.