“3P” refers to a business model developed to promote social responsibility, sustainability, and prosperity among organizations worldwide. Those that adopt this model are known as “triple bottom line” (TBL) organizations.


 “People” considers the impact an organization has on its key stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, investors, their surrounding community, and the people who are part of their supply chain more broadly. TBL organizations don’t just provide fair compensation to employees. They also work to create a safe, inclusive, motivational culture where employees find value in their work.

Does your organization actively hire and promote people of diverse backgrounds, providing everyone with equitable opportunities in decision-making and advancement?

Does it give back to the local community through activities like charitable contributions, volunteer work, and education programs?

Does it ensure fair and ethical treatment of people who are working to produce the goods used in your supply chain?

3P Insights, LLC can help your organization make a positive impact on the people it depends on.

Our people-focused training and support services examine impacts an organization has on individuals and communities. Specific services include training and workshops in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics, Team Building, Wellness and Fair Trade.

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