“3P” refers to a business model developed to promote social responsibility, sustainability, and prosperity among organizations worldwide. Those that adopt this model are known as “triple bottom line” (TBL) organizations.


“Profit” acknowledges that all organizations rely on revenue and that businesses must earn a profit to survive. This part of the triple bottom line considers the economic impact an organization makes through employment, innovation, and wealth creation. TBL organizations recognize that financial solvency doesn’t need to come at the expense of “people” or “planet.” In fact, research demonstrates that some of the most financially stable businesses are also those that display ethical and responsible behavior toward their stakeholders and the natural environment.

3P Insights, LLC can help your organization strengthen its financial bottom line while being mindful of the world around us.

Our profit-focused services examine the internal and external factors that impact an organization’s economic and financial health, including productivity assessments, competitive intelligence workshops, and strategic planning support.

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